Audi Sorority Official Forum Guidelines :]

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Audi Sorority Official Forum Guidelines :]

Post  FM Mio on Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:36 am

Hello Guys and Gals this is our Official Forum Guidelines
please read it thoroughly and understand it by heart.

Reminders when posting:

1. When Posting, make sure that everyone can read it, can understand it, and be better after reading it.
2. Make sure that when you are saying/posting something make sure that it makes sense.
3. Please keep in mind that we are a growing community, so please be considerate of other forumer's.


1. Excessive use of the punctuation marks - this will just make a clutter in your post. not that it just make your post so over acting it's not good in the eyes of the other forumer.

2. Posting in All Caps - Posting in all caps is just like shouting. and typing in all caps is just for EMPHASIZING.

3. Oversized Signature - Every forumer has their own signatures for them to be unique, but always keep in mind that we have a standard it's 350px X 150px .

4. Spam Post / Nonsense Post - we all know what spamming means, so please keep in mind when posting that it has to make sense and connected to the topic of the Thread.

5. Flooding - This is just like spamming but he/she has posted the same content in the same thread succesively.

6. Obscene and Vulgar Post - Posting these will not only aggravate people who wish for a peaceful forums, but will also offend those who are children or minors in the forum.

7. Innappropriate names - As with the obscene and vulgar post rule, it applies also to the names too.

8. Flaming / Hate Post - if you have any conflict(s) between your fellow girls, don't use the forums as a medium for your catfight do it privately, because it will disrupt our community and it can cause a commotion.

9. Threathening any Member, Moderators, Admin - Making threats in making demands will not help you or your concern, either.

10. Improper sexual/racial/ethnic or violent posts - These will cause a misunderstanding between the community and the involved party; as such, these kind of topics is strictly prohibited.

11. Exploiting loopholes in rules - The rules are there for a reason, and by exploiting loopholes in rules will not help the community in any way.

credits to for the rules. 7, 9, 10

PS. please make this as your guidelines when posting ^^
have a nice day Girls Razz


FM Mio
FM Mio
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